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What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission Fluid Change


Do you have a red fluid leaking from your car and are wondering, “What color is transmission fluid?” Fresh new transmission fluid is a translucent red. If your car’s transmission fluid is a different color or hue, schedule a service appointment at our Underriner Motors service center. In the meantime, read this helpful guide to transmission fluid. It covers the different shades of transmission fluid and what you should do if red fluid is leaking from your car.

What Color is Transmission Fluid When it’s Time for Replacement?

So, what color is the transmission fluid when it’s time for a replacement? It varies depending on how often you change the transmission fluid and if your vehicle is having problems. It’s easy to check your own transmission fluid. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Pop your hood
  • Locate the transmission fluid dipstick and inspect the fluid with a dipstick as you would for motor oil
  • Remove the dipstick, wipe it off, reinsert it, and pull it out again

 Transmission fluid should be reddish in color. Here’s what other shades indicate:

  • Translucent red: Your transmission fluid is fresh and new. No action is required!
  • Light brown/semi-translucent red: This is a common color and a sign of normal wear. No action is needed. 
  • Dark brown/opaque: It’s time to change the filter or have a full system flush. 
  • Very dark brown/black/opaque: Your past due for service! Make a service appointment at %%di_name, near Bozeman, and ask for a full transmission system flush and new filter.
  • Light pink: It is a sign of a contaminant. Coolant or water has probably entered your transmission system. This may cause engine failure and should be addressed immediately! You may even need a complete transmission rebuild before getting back out on Laurel streets.

Is Red Fluid Leaking From Your Car?

If you notice red fluid leaking from your car, schedule a service appointment with the service team at %%di_name%. It means your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid because of a broken seal or busted gasket. Have our certified technicians inspect and fix your car so you can drive safely around Miles City.

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