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Why Does My Car Make Noise When I Turn?

If you have heard some unsettling sounds during your Bozeman commute, you may be asking, “Why does my car make noise when I turn?” As your car ages, you start to notice some common car noises as you drive through Laurel. However, if you hear an unusual noise during a turn, that could be indicative of an issue.

The diagnosis will depend on the speed you were traveling, type of noise, and a variety of other factors. The good news is, when you hear common car noises or unfamiliar sounds, you can always schedule service with Underriner Motors. Turn to the best in Laurel so you can stop asking, “Why does my car make noise when I turn?” Learn more with our expert service techs below!

Common Car Noises When Turning the Steering Wheel

When your ride is in proper working order, you shouldn’t hear any noises as you take on turns during your travels. If you begin to hear clunking, popping, creaking, squealing, groaning, screeching, or whining noises, that means something mechanically isn’t right. While some of these issues can be quickly solved DIY-style following our service tips, others require a trained hand. If you have heard any unsettling sounds emanating from your vehicle, don’t hesitate to have the problem fixed!

Causes of Strange Sounds When Turning the Wheel

While there could be a wide range of issues causing your vehicle to make noise while turning, we break down some of the most common causes below:

  • Suspension Joints: Often heard at lower speeds, creaking, clunking, or popping is an indication of worn-out suspension joints.
  • Power Steering Pump: Another low-speed sound, a whining noise can often diagnose an issue with the power steering pump.
  • CV Joints: Should you hear a crunching sound when maneuvering at higher speeds, your CV joints are likely the cause.
  • Power Steering System: If you hear a loud screech or whine as you make your turns, you may have an issue with the power steering system. Sometimes a simple fluid top-off is all that is required, in other cases, major repairs are needed.
  • Tie Rods: A clunking sound as you turn can be a sign of a loose or busted tie rod.
  • Sway Bar Link: When experiencing poor handling in conjunction with a knocking noise while you turn, your sway bar is likely the culprit.
  • Ball Joints: If the creaking you hear is getting progressively louder over time, a faulty ball joint may be causing the unsettling sounds.
  • Bushing: When your suspension system needs lubrication or replacement, you may hear a creaking sound coming from the joints.
  • Struts and Shocks: Often coupled with a ‘bouncy’ or ‘loose’ feeling as you travel over bumps, loud noises of this type can often result from faulty struts or shocks.

Have Your Common Car Noises Diagnosed in Billings

While we have offered some crucial insight towards diagnosing your automotive issues, you may want to reach out for a professional evaluation. Our experts will be able to quickly discover the root cause of the strange noises you have heard while navigating through Bozeman. We firmly believe that no one should have to delay service due to the high prices many other service centers quote in town. That is why we offer competitive prices and rotating services specials to help our customers save! Looking for more car care info? Find out why your car is leaking oil today!

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